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Woodland Middle School Assistant Principle, John Milar, talks about the impact of Anti-Virus on student culture.

Bring Anti-Virus to Your School


Volume 1 and Mentor's Guide

This material is a 10-week unit (taught in one class period/one day per week) that places a certified mentor into a required course. Our trained mentors teach social and emotional values including Ambition, Responsibility, Hard Work, Emotions, Restraint, Common Sense and Generosity through a fun and interactive learning experience.


Volume 2

This material is a continuation of Volume 1, done in a 6-week unit with a mentor or someone from the district leading the lessons. A short video message highlights interpersonal growth for each value. The values taught are Attitude, Self-Esteem, Willpower, Understanding People, Forgiveness and Hope.


Volume 3

This volume is also led by a mentor or someone from the district and taught as a 6-week unit. Volume 3 focuses on values that help students set goals, build relationships and plan for forward success. The values are Goals, Savings, Pressure, Empathy, Courage and Grit.



Anti-Virus Youth Regeneration

The Anti-Virus Youth ReGENeration or “ReGEN” workbook is perfect for freshmen and sophomores. This 6-week unit focuses on the values required for personal success and developing healthy relationships, such as Attitude, Self-Worth and Boundaries. This program could be facilitated by a mentor or someone inside the district.

Become a Mentor

Do you believe that values like a positive attitude, self-esteem, willpower, understanding people, forgiveness and hope are attributes that are missing from our culture? Leader's Edge is looking for committed adults to be mentors in our program. Mentors will work alongside a classroom teacher, but experience using effective classroom management strategies will bring ease and clarity to the lessons. Each mentor is trained to teach hour-long lessons for the once a week/ten week program. To apply,  please contact Nicole Rankin - 859-394-4930 or email -  [email protected]