Leader's Edge offers the Anti-Virus Program at NO COST to schools or school districts. We rely on the support of donors to help with the expense of bringing this program into Kentucky schools. If you would like to get involved or donate to our program please contact Nicole - 859-394-4930 or [email protected].

Sponsor a Class or a School

Are you interested in investing in the young people in your community or the community you grew up in? Leader's Edge is currently looking for opportunities to share the Anti-Virus Program with 4th-10th graders in Kentucky. Leader's Edge brings in trained mentors and workbooks for every student that participates, at NO COST to the school or school district. The program is one class period, one day a week, for 10 to 35 weeks (depending on program) and teaches social and emotional values (including Ambition, Responsibility, Hard Work, Emotions, Restraint, Common Sense and Generosity), through a fun and interactive learning experience. You can chose to sponsor a class, a student, a whole school or a whole school district. We also welcome any help with reaching out to school principals to bring the Anti-Virus Program to your community.

Donate with PayPal

Do you believe that values like a positive attitude, self-esteem, willpower, understanding people, forgiveness and hope are attributes that are missing from our culture? Leader's Edge is looking for partners that will help us bring a message of hope into Kentucky schools! You can use the PayPal donate button (on this page) to donate a single time or on a monthly basis. Every donation helps Leader's Edge continue to empower young people in Kentucky!


Our last fundraiser breakfast was March 12, 2019 at Ft. Mitchell Country Club. The event was hosted by Channel 9's Julie O'neill and we heard from a wonderful group of speakers about the impact that Leaders Edge Kentucky is having around the Commonwealth! If you would like to be notified about our next event please email us and we'll keep you up to date on Leader's Edge Kentucky news!

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